Three important events about the water industry for Israel and the Midwest Region

Three important events about the water industry for Israel and the Midwest Region

As we know, one of the most important regions for the economic growth in the United States is the American Midwest, not only by its companies but through the relation with other countries. A significant business relationship that drives this is the one formed with Israel, due to the great Jewish community in cities like Chicago, Kansas, Ohio, among others. For this, both the Israeli government and the American government have promoted multiple programs and institutions, like the Israel Trade & Economic Office for U.S. Midwest Region.

The Israel Trade & Economic Office for U.S. Midwest Region main purpose is to promote and improve the commercial relation between the American Midwest-based companies and Israel. It has its principal office in Illinois, Chicago, and presence in multiple cities, like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin. In addition, this institution works with more than 40 countries around the world.

To promote and establish the best relations between the companies that are part of this important organization, the Israel Trade & Economic Office for U.S. Midwest Region has stimulated different activities for multiple industries, connecting several businesses worldwide. In this article, we will see some of the most important events for the water industry, sponsored and supported by this imperative association.

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Water industry events

The Chicago Water Summit

In 2015, Chicago hosted one of the most significant events for the water industry; the Chicago water summit. Sponsored by the Jewish National Fund and the Israel NewTech organization, this meeting took place at the Fairmont Hotel. This remarkable convention, was the first of other 12 presentations, to be done in the most important cities of the United States.

In this incredible summit, companies can learn about the future of water, the solutions for the possible water shortage in the next years or the innovations in this area both by Israeli and American companies. Moreover, for this first summit, the assistants had the opportunity to meet and talk with Seth Siegel, an expert in the Israeli water industry, or Thomas Powers, the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management, or Oded Distel, the Director of Invest in Israel and Israel New Tech, among other panelists.

Another important topic exposed in this summit were the technological innovations led by Israel in the water industry. This country plays a vital role for the water activity in the world, developing some of the most modern and innovative water systems for today and future needs.

The WEFTEC 2016

In 2016, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference – WEFTEC – presented some of the most pioneering firms for the water field. Currently, this exhibition is considered the most important one in the world for the water industry, bringing together significant companies and professionals in this area from multiple countries, like Canada, Germany, the United States, Singapore, Israel, among others.

For 2016, the WEFTEC had the participation of six Israeli water businesses; AYYEKA, which offers cyber-security and remote monitoring solutions. ARI, providing manufacturing solutions for the water protection. Blue I Water Technologies, showing its products for the correct water treatment. Emefcy, which develops solutions for the energy production through the water. Krausz, who is one of the leaders for water’s coupling clamp solutions. RWL Water, working with wastewater, desalination, energy, among other solutions.

The WEFTEC reunited more than 25.000 assistants, and several organizations, showing up their creations and inventions for this important industry, and establishing significant connections between different businesses that work with water and all those derivate activities around it.

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The Israeli Water Tech Innovation Showcase

This event, was vital for the connections between Israel water based companies and Chicago, due to the great support of the Government of Israel. This event took place in the Chicago’s NBC Tower and presented 8 of the biggest water businesses from Israel.

Some of the most important participants were EZPack Water Ltd, a company that produces different water storage solutions for emergency situations, or I.S.W.S, another organization that offers water packing solutions but for companies.

Another interesting organization that participated in the Israeli Water Tech Innovation Showcase was ToxSorb. This company developed a remarkable technology to clear the water from different contaminants such as phosphate or mercury. Saisanket was another significant company that participated in this exhibition, showing its pipe and water flowing solutions.

We have seen three of the most important summits about water, not only for the United States and Israel but for the entire planet. These events are a great sample of what the water industry is doing for this vital resource and the existing alternatives we have to take care of it. In addition, these events strengthen the business and economic relationship between the American Midwest Region-based companies and the Government of Israel.