Some Midwest Region important stats

Some Midwest Region important stats

For years, the American Midwest Region has housed a large and important Jewish community. Cities like Illinois, Ohio, Kansas or Indiana have seen great contributions from them, letting these places to grow in multiple aspects. Moreover, this amazing community has brought to this region different benefits, both social, technological and economical.

In previous articles, we have talked about the remarkable influence from Jewish people in several aspects in the Midwest Region, mainly due to their connection with Israel. This nation has become a very important figure for doing businesses around the world, so all these existing opportunities have been exploited both for Israel and the United States. In this post, we will talk about this commercial relationship between this country and some of the most important cities located in the American Midwest.

As we mentioned, in this article, we will show the importance of the commercial and economic relation between Israel and some cities in the American Midwest, more specifically in imports. Currently, one of the most imperative industries for doing businesses between these regions is technology, but there are other important dealings, which are enriching this business alliance.

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General importing stats

Before we going deeper with some Midwest Region statistics, it is essential to know and understand the global trading context between the United States and Israel. For 2015, the United States imported more than $24 billion dollars from Israel in multiple sectors, like food, technology, machinery, among other areas. The principal imported products were computer and electronics components, reaching more than $13 billion dollars, followed by manufactured commodities, with more than $500 million dollars.

Other imported means were machinery, electrical components, chemicals, plastic, metals, food, among other products, getting more than $10 billion dollars.

Knowing these global insights, then we could talk about specific regions, and see their importing commercial stats with Israel.

Illinois importing stats

Illinois is without a doubt one of the most important cities in the commercial relation for Israel, not only for the Midwest Region but also for the United States. After cities like New York, Florida or California, Illinois is considered a very important player for imported products in America.

For 2015, Illinois imported more than $420 million dollars from Israel. In machinery, this city introduced more than $110 million, which means more than the 26% of the importations in 2015. Another important product were chemicals, reaching more than $100 million dollars, and with a market participation of 25%.

The technological industry was also a very significant one for imports in the last year, with more than $60 million dollars, followed by the manufactured commodities, with $38 million dollars in trades and plastics, food, textiles and other means, with more than $130 million dollars.

Ohio importing stats

Another crucial Midwest city for making business with Israel is Ohio. This town has an important Jewish community, which is having a remarkable economic growing. In 2015, Ohio introduced more than $194 million dollars, placing it within the 20 most imperatives cities in importations with Israel.

In the last year, Ohio imported more than $60 million dollars in computer and electronic devices, which means more than 20% of the total introduced. With more than $40 million dollars in importations, machinery was the second more traded product, having a participation of 21% in the market.

Elements like chemicals, clothes, food, transport, plastic and other products, represented more than $60 million dollars in importations. All these means formed the 30% of participation in all the imported products.

It is important to say, that in 2014, the most imported elements were manufactured products, with more than $40 million dollars, but the technology innovations made by Israel, have moved these products as the most imported elements in the city.

Kansas importing stats

Due to some transportation projects developed by Kansas in the last years, the most significant products imported by this city were those related to transport. In 2015, Kansas introduced more than $80 million dollars, and for the transport industry, it traded more than $68 million dollars, which means more than 82% of the total imported.

In 2015, Kansas also imported products like metal derivatives, for more than $6 million dollars and computer and electronic devices reaching almost $2 million dollars.

Elements like manufactured commodities, food, plastic, chemicals, clothes, among other means, reported almost $5 million dollars in importations.

In conclusion, the Midwest Region is being considered one of the most important places for trading between Israel and the United States. We mentioned just three important cities of this region, which are increasing and improving the commercial relation with Israel, but there are other towns located in the Midwest that are also making important economic connections with Israel, like Indiana, with more than $109 million dollars in importations in 2015, Iowa with more than $90, or Michigan with almost $400 million dollars.

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