Some significant elements in agriculture for Israel and the Midwest Region

Some significant elements in agriculture for Israel and the Midwest Region

America is the biggest economy in the world, and its business relationship with Israel is crucial for its financial objectives. Presently, one of the best allies for the United States is Israel, not only for the great Jewish community that the US has, but for the innovations and technological creations that Israel is producing. Places like New York, Florida or Los Angeles, give excellent trading opportunities for Jews and Americans, but there are other growing regions supporting all these commercial trades, like the American Midwest.

As we have seen in previous articles, the Midwest region gives both the United States and Israel excellent commercial possibilities, and one of the most important industries for this is agriculture. For decades, this field has been a very productive area, especially in Israel, showing different innovations and business opportunities. Currently, agricultural organizations are increasing their production and exporting their know-how and developments more and more to multiple countries around the world, mainly the United States.

In this post, we will see some of the most significant events and funds for the agriculture industry between Israel and the American Midwest region, which are opening excellent dealing options to many companies located in both countries.

Before we talking about these important events for the agricultural activity, it is vital to know and understand what the Israel Trade & Economic Office for the U.S. Midwest Region does.

The Israel Trade & Economic Office for the U.S. Midwest Region

Basically, this institution was established with the main purpose of promoting the business relations between Israel and the United States in various fields, like technology, food, agriculture, mining, water, among other industries. In other words, this organization is responsible for stimulating the commercial opportunities between the State of Israel and the US Midwest.

Currently, the Israel Trade & Economic Office for the U.S. Midwest Region has its principal office in Chicago but also has presence in Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

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Agriculture events

The $15m Israeli AgTech Accelerator Fund

Israel has created different accelerators funds for those companies related to agriculture and farming, but one of the most important ones for this is Radicle. Presently, this trust is focused on transforming those agricultural start-ups into market leaders. Today, this accelerator fund has associations with imperative financial funds, like OurCrowd, Finistere Ventures or Cloud Break Advisors.

In addition, Radicle has alliances with giant corporations like Bayer and Dupoint, which not only can invest in those start-ups but also can advise them in marketing, commercialization, innovation, among other fields, helping them to grow in a faster way. Moreover, Radicle supports and contributes with research in high-tech farming developments, like genomics in plants, seed tech, biologicals improvements for crop protection, digital implementations to acquire important data from agricultural activities, and other disruptive farm systems that make this industry more attractive and advanced.

Another important initiative from Radicle is to promote farming problem solving, that is to say, that this institution supports all those agronomy developments focused on facilitating agricultural activities not only in Israel and the United States but also in other countries around the world.

The Israel-US Binational Industrial R&D Fund for new projects

Also known as the BIRD, is an investment fund concentrated in the motivation of research and development in those organizations related to the agriculture industry. Currently, this institution funds up to 50% of these activities in new projects for organizations established in Israel and the United States.

The BIRD has different investment conditions for these ventures such as projects with substantial commercial potential, innovation products, or developments in particular areas, like Cleantech, environment, agricultural data analytics, crops security, among other fields.

Fresh AgroMashov Produce Exhibition

This important event took place in Tel Aviv and reunited some of the most important leaders in the agriculture industry from different countries. The main purpose of this exposition is to open new market and commercial opportunities not only for the State of Israel and the American Midwest Region but also for other participating organizations.

Fresh AgroMashov Produce Exhibition is considered one of the most significant events for agriculture organizations in the world, due to the contribution of some of the biggest companies around the world. In addition, this exhibition is strategically located, letting Israel establish connections between those farming market leaders, helping the agronomy organizations in the United States Midwest.

In this article, we saw three important elements for the agricultural and farming business, but there are other significant funds and events like the Midwest Roadshow, the Israeli Top Innovations at Agritech, which is focused on the future of this industry, the AgriVest Conference to Showcase Potential for Investment in Agriculture Technology, which is focused on environmentally friendly solutions, among other expositions that support the agricultural activities, supporting and motivating multiple actions for its improvement and growing.

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