Outstanding Mass Media for Jewish People in Chicago

Outstanding Mass Media for Jewish People in Chicago

Newspapers are one of the oldest and most important sources of information. They have the special mission of collecting information from all over the world and reproducing it in a local or national context. This information vehicle is responsible for sharing new ideas, trends, and events, sometimes starting discussions on important subjects such as politics. Newspapers also represent the way communities understand and relate to its context

For Jewish people in Chicago, being able to run their own newspapers gives them the chance to reproduce information relevant for their culture and context where they live at. Even though weekly or monthly may be printed (or published online) in the United States, by owning their own mass media channels, Jews get the chance to write it in their own language or choose the type of relevant information they want to share based on the interests of their culture.

In Chicago, Jews have been rather active when it comes to producing, financing and printing their own newspapers, sometimes as non-profit ventures that aim, to tell the truth. Talking about popular subjects, Israeli related stuff, social issues, economy, politics and even movies. Jews have been quite open when it comes to sharing their often diplomatic opinions with the rest of their community. It hasn’t always been an easy task since obtaining profit from this business isn’t simple, but Jewish know how to do their math and so far, they haven’t let down their eager-readers-community.

In this article, Yosef Meystel will talk about the most relevant Jewish newspapers and mass media publications that have been done since 1911 until now in Chicago and other cities in the Midwest such as Northbrook, Illinois.

The First Jewish Newspaper in Chicago

Born at the same time Maxwell Street (Jew Town) did, The Sentinel was the first Jewish newspaper ever published in Chicago. From 1911 to 1996, this outstanding piece of information was in charge of sharing information related to the Jewish community in Chicago, covering stories related to both local and international issues and sometimes even fashion trends.

After printing its last edition in 1996, The Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership started sharing over 2.029 digitalized issues of The Sentinel, that represent more than 39 years of its work for the Jewish community in Chicago.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the Illinois State Library, which used funds from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, nowadays we all can enjoy the digitalized version of The Sentinel online.

Image courtesy of Illinois Digital Archives at idaillinois.org/
Image courtesy of Illinois Digital Archives at idaillinois.org/

Chicago Jewish News

Working as an independent business in Chicago, you can find the Chicago Jewish News newspaper, with weekly publications, both printed and digital. They work under the motto “Because there’s Jewish news every week, there is the Chicago Jewish News every week” and thanks to it they do a rigorous job in finding and sharing some of the most relevant stories for the Jewish community in Chicago.

As an independent newspaper, Chicago Jewish News believes that producing a weekly issue is the only way to effectively keep people informed about what is happening in our current fast pace world full of daily events that directly affect Jewish life in Chicago.

With a straightforward opinion, keeping an eye away from a biased perspective and always willing to tell the truth as it comes, Chicago Jewish News opens its pages to any member of the Jewish community willing to raise their voice when something important happens. Making it easy for Jews to live in their community, knowing that their words will not easily fade in time

It is not a random thing that this newspaper is considered by many Jews in Chicago the best way to find out about Jewish news, culture, opinion and, even travel and fashion trends.

The Salomon Center

Even though we are not talking about a newspaper, the Salomon Center is a modern education group dedicated to producing content usually put aside by traditional media outlets. This collective of journalists and writers works to fight the media culture, aiming to change the paradigms towards Israel and Islamic extremism, eradicating anti-Semitism.

Most of the writing done by The Salomon Center comes as the result of well-researched subjects. The group of brilliant minds behind this collective always tries to give a fresh perspective on critical issues such as violations of personal freedom and oppression.

They have a strong opinion when it comes to the way they present their news, always exposing true facts related to the Israeli conflict, and fighting for the First Amendment ideals of respect for human rights, differences and freedom of speech. As intellectuals and politically active individuals, members of The Salomon Center believe that truth is what makes them different from other local newspapers and mass media.