One of the most important associations for Chicago and Israel

One of the most important associations for Chicago and Israel

As we have seen in other articles, the relation between Chicago and Israel is very important due to the great Jewish community established in this city. Since more than 100 years, Chicago has been the home for a lot of Jews, who have made admirable contributions to this city in multiple aspects.

The relation between Chicago and Israel has been promoted for several persons and organizations with the main purpose of bringing these two societies closer to create new things to benefit people in both places. In other words, the relationship between the Windy City and Israel seeks to improve and consolidate an excellent social and economic environment from which they can take advantage.

There are a lot of organizations giving the means and tools for a successful business relation between this country and Chicago, like the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago. This non-profit association has been working for more than 50 years in the acquisition of vital information to simplify and assist multiple companies established in Chicago or Israel who want to be closer.

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The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago (AICC) was founded by Marty Sandler in 1958. He was a Jew businessman and leader, who dedicated a lot of his efforts in the creation of an association to join American and Israeli-based companies. For more than 50 years he led this organization.

Besides the AICC, Sandler created the Toni Hair Care Products Company, which was sold to the Gillette Company. He also founded other significant businesses, like the first four-star hotel in Israel, the Ero Industries, and Peau Seche-Sweat Products Company.

The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago

Since 1958, this organization has been working to connect both Chicago and Israel-based companies and vice versa from multiple industries, like retail, science, healthcare, technology, bank and finances and much more. The main purpose of this association is to establish and create the best commercial conditions for those businesses who want to venture into new markets, either in Israel or Chicago.

The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago not only works to give companies in Israel or Chicago the opportunity to explore new markets but also facilitates investment possibilities in these companies. Put differently, this association helps those businesses to know how they can trade and capitalize their products and services in Chicago or Israel.

In addition, the AICC proposes multiple networking environments, like business match-making events, letting companies from both Chicago and Israel know the commercial and economic conditions that each offers, that is to say, the AICC seeks through multiple events per year bring closer each of them.

Another vital and important benefit that the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago offers is the great relation that they have with the Government of Israel and Chicago, which helps companies to access in a simpler way to all the aids that they offer for ventures and investment.

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Some Chicago – Israeli companies

The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago has helped and promoted more than 30 companies from Israel and Chicago in the last years. Some of the most important are:

Alma Lasers

This innovative company has presence in three continents and products distribution worldwide. Alma lasers have more than 20 years working with laser technologies and ultrasound solutions for the medical industry. This organization is one of the most important and advanced in the development of new surgical and cosmetic services using laser technology.

Among the services offered by Alma lasers are the tattoo removal through radio-frequency technologies, pain relief with ultrasound devices, acne treatments for wrinkles and acne scars removal with laser.

ACS Motion Control

Since 1985, this organization has provided a lot of businesses around the world with EtherCAT network, which is an Ethernet for Controlling Automation Technology. For more than 20 years, this Israeli company has worked with giant corporations like Samsung, LG, Philips or GE.

ACS Motion Control has its headquarters in Israel, but thanks to associations like the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago, the company has one of its biggest sales and support center in the United States. Besides, they have offices in Germany, China, and South Korea.

The EtherCAT is a patented technology which lets different systems to manage high level synchronized tasks for communication, real-time and other applications.

Rivulis Irrigation

One of the most important contributions from Israel is the drip irrigation system. Through multiple decades, different Israeli companies have worked and improved this mechanism to distribute it around the world. Rivulis Irrigation is one of the most significant irrigation companies around the planet, offering multiple solutions with drip irrigation tools, such as drip lines, filters, tubes, valves, sprays among other developments for multiple industries like agriculture or mining.

Currently, Rivulis Irrigation has sales and support presence in more than 100 countries around the world, besides, they have nine production centers in every continent for supplying the elevated demand.