How the Midwest is the best place for Jewish business

How the Midwest is the best place for Jewish business

The American Midwest is arguably the United States’ most important region.  While New York and Los Angeles are by far the most important cities of the country, the Midwest’s twelve states make up the region that moves the country.  For the Jewish business community, the Midwest offers a number of opportunities to grow and establish the region as the business hub of America.  As a matter of fact, CNN recently named Chicago one of the best cities in the world to begin a business.  Yeah, that’s right: in the world!  The Midwest is just more than dairy and cereals.   So, what makes the Midwest such an appealing business destination for Jewish entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen? Let’s take a look at four incredible things the Midwest region of the United States has going for it and how Jewish business people can contribute to a region which shares a lot of the core values of the Jewish community.

  1. Work ethic is a cornerstone of life

If there is one thing the Midwest is known for, it’s the work ethic of the people who inhabit the region.  Detroit was built on the hard work of the citizens who labored in the automotive industry.  Wisconsin’s dairy culture is the product of proud dairy farmers.  Chicagoans grit and determination, something Yosef Meystel knows about.  Other cities, like Cincinnati and Cleveland, have strong Jewish presence.  Wherever you go in the Midwest, you will find hardworking and honest people who are proud to give the country and the world the best of their abilities to create top-notch products and provide excellent service.  In other words, Midwestern values definitely mesh well with Jewish values and the community’s uncanny business acumen.  The Midwest and Jewish companies are a match made in heaven.

  1. Location, location, location

Getting to as many places in the shortest amount of time is one of the most important things when a company considers its distribution strategy.  The Midwest offers the perfect location for companies to distribute their goods.  Chicago’s O’Hare airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world where as the Mid-America Intermodal Authority Port provides rail, road, and river access which can definitely help companies reach customers in all directions of the country.  Getting products to either end of the country becomes a lot easier from the Midwest and it’s sure to get to distributors in less time. If that weren’t enough, affordable cost of shipping fares help companies have more competitive prices which in the end could definitely lead to higher sales figures.

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  1.    Helping hands are abundant

Midwesterners are known for their friendliness and willingness to help out a friend in need.  Solidarity is one of the staples of the region.  The Jewish community is no stranger to solidarity.  Jews are some of the most giving people you will ever meet and charity is a lifestyle, not a choice.  The Midwest has often been overlooked, but that is starting to change.  We are seeing how more and more businesses are setting up shop in the Midwest and how they are starting to return to give some areas the prosperity they once enjoyed.  The people are a huge reason why this is happening.  They want to be responsible for the progress of the country and they will always be willing to help companies who wish to start up a business in the region that will help everyone grow.

  1. Financially sound investment

Bringing a business to the east and/or west coast of the United States seems to not be the ideal choice anymore.  Property taxes and costs make it a high-cost investment while the relatively high cost of living makes labor costs go up.  All this means that companies who want to start their business in the most popular cities are looking at a costly initial investment.  The Midwest offers companies property at fair prices and qualified labor which will not cost an arm and a leg.

The Midwest is shaping up to be the place to be when it comes to starting a business.  Jewish entrepreneurs have long been known to recognize an exceptional opportunity and you can bet they will be setting their sights on the Midwest.  Why wouldn’t they?  The Midwest has a lot of the values the Jewish community can sympathize with.  You are sure to find helping and friendly people at every corner.  Everyone wants to make a difference and make an impact that will ripple throughout every corner of the country.  The Midwest connect the entire country, so distributing from the region is not only logical but practical.  Finally, on the financial side, lower property costs and affordable qualified labor means companies can be more competitive.  If you are a Jewish business person looking to make a difference in the world and help a proud community, the Midwest is definitely the best option.

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