How to look beautiful and modest? Ask Jewish women in the Midwest

How to look beautiful and modest? Ask Jewish women in the Midwest

Judaism in known for being a culture more than a religion. It is the culture of Israel living anywhere in the world, following its beliefs and ideas no matter the location. Some of these ideas are related to the food they eat, the prayers they make, their holidays or the clothes they wear. Lucky for them, and thanks to the entrepreneurial blood running through their veins, for every idea they follow, there is probably a business already running in the family, with a Jew behind the counter eager to help its colorful and successful community with their needs.

It may be shocking for some people, but in the set of beliefs followed by orthodox Jewish women, clothing represents a big deal, especially for the most devoted beings. Modesty is the most important thing when it comes to picking the right outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are walking on the streets of Chicago or Manhattan, if you are a Jewish woman, you should know that it is better to wear clothes that are not too bright or too tight. The reason to this is that Jewish tradition emphasizes the importance of the soul inside the body instead of the physical appearance of it.

According to Jewish law, women cannot expose any part of their bodies in public, besides their hands and face. They should go out with sleeves that cover the elbows, skirts that cover the knees and scarves or wigs that cover the hair – this last one solely for married women. In some Jewish communities in Illinois, like Skokie and Lincolnwood, it is common to see Jewish women wearing socks or tights to cover their legs.

Head Covering

In many traditional Jewish communities, women start wearing head coverings after getting married. According to Jewish beliefs, this a way to create privacy and distance between strangers and married women. This practice can take different forms such as scarves, wigs or hats, all of them intended to encourage modesty and beauty, which are concepts that can go along just fine within the Jewish culture.

In Illinois, there are different businesses than can be found where married Jewish women can buy their head coverings, like the wig shoppe in Chicago or Linda’s Headquarters a Jewish business in Skokie. At any of these places, Jewish women will be able to find beautiful wigs, hats and scarves meant to make them look good while they follow the Jewish tradition.

Long Skirts

Some people confuse modesty with unattractiveness. According to Jewish women, this idea is a misconception of what modesty means. For Jews what matters most is your soul, not your physical appearance, for this, wearing showy clothes is not an option. Clothes are seen as shallow layers.

Keeping all these ideas in mind, it is important to notice what has already been said in this article, Jewish women should wear modest long skirts that cover their knees. Wearing pants in public is by all means forbidden for women within orthodox Jewish communities, however, they can wear them at home.

There are many places where Jewish women can find long modest skirts in Illinois such as Target, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, among other big retailers. Nevertheless, there are also some smaller stores owned by the Jewish community (most of them resale stores) where women can find skirts like Hadassah Resale Shops in Highland Park and Skokie or the Mount Sinai Hospital Resale Shops in Chicago.

Buying modest clothes online

As technology has evolved, the way Jewish women buy their clothes in Illinois –or any given state in the U.S. – has also changed. Jews nowadays can acquire their traditional clothing online and get it shipped to their house any place in the Midwest. Below, Yosef Meystel will give you a list of online stores owned by Jews who sell their products in every city in Illinois.

Kosher Casual

Founded in 2008 and owned by a Jewish immigrant, this company works with manufacturers in Israel and sells their products in the U.S. having consistent customers in the Midwest.

The company offers modern and modest clothing especially for women, girls, and babies, having a wide selection of skirts, long sleeve tops, and modest clothing accessory alternatives. Meeting the needs of Jewish women with products that can be easily bought online.

Image courtesy of Kosher Casual at
Image courtesy of Kosher Casual at

Modest Anytime

This website offers custom and standard size clothing for women, selling tops, dresses, skirts and a wide range of head coverings, aiming to fulfill the needs of orthodox Jewish women who want to live modest lives.

The company ships its products to any city in Illinois, meeting the halachic standards that indicate how long, tight or loose clothes should be for Jewish women.

Modest World

This company believes that modesty makes women more beautiful and dignified. Its main goal is to supply every Jewish woman in the U.S with the needed apparel because sometimes it is not easy to find the right head covering or skirt in a retail store.

Their target audience is not only Jewish, it also aims to provide the needed head coverings to women suffering from cancer or alopecia.