Jewish Senior Life: a Jewish agency serving older adults in Michigan

Jewish Senior Life: a Jewish agency serving older adults in Michigan

Of course, there are many venues out there that care for the elderly. It is that time in life when either you need a lot of help or you cannot be all alone. It is that time when age has passed its toll and physical life comes to an end. It is sad, depressing and can affect the person and the people around that person.

Well, in West Bloomfield, Michigan there is an agency that is dedicated to offering services for old adults that need company, that need affection, are alone or just need a community to hang out with or visit. That agency is called Jewish Senior Life (JSL) and they aim at providing services that make the last stage of life something to enjoy and to be proud of. They want people to live their elderly life with dignity and to enhance their quality of life by giving them programs and services that maximize independence and create a community.

Jewish Senior Life has been around for more than a century now providing services for Jewish old adults and making them part of the everyday life and giving them a reason to live with dignity. They are not a non-profit as their services have a cost and they work under a business model where people pay rent and pay for additional services for their love ones or for themselves. A for today, they are the best agency in the community and they are considered a premier agency that provides for older adults services such as residences, programs and other services that older adults may need such as counseling and guidance. The Jewish community can access their services whether the person is independent in their own home and only needs to go to the agency to look for services that make him or her part of a community; or if the person is in need of a new residence that provides support and community and makes him or her live as an older adult with dignity and happiness.

Their main objective is to provide independent housing for seniors with community programs and activities that make them feel part of a productive group. They also have housing with assistance services for older adults that need special cares. They have the following residencies on campuses in West Bloomfield and Oak Park, Michigan. Let’s take a look at their housing options:

Image courtesy of Kelly Sue DeConnick at
Image courtesy of Kelly Sue DeConnick at

The Meer Apartments

The Meer Apartments have 200 market-rate apartments and they are located on the Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Jewish Community Campus in West Bloomfield. They have very easy access to the Jewish Community Center and it is very near venues such as synagogues, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, markets, malls, health clubs, temples, museums, and gardens and it has more than 45 acres of land where people can hike, walk or enjoy nature by walking its trails.  

Hechtman Apartments 1 and 2

Hechtman 1 has 102 subsidized one-bedroom apartments and it is designed for people that have special physical needs. The residence is open for people 62 and older and they offer special designs to meet the needs of people that need different features in their home. To make it easier for people, the rent is subsidized using the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Kosher dinners are served all week if the person pays an extra fee.

On the other hand, Hechtman II offers 96 one-bedroom market-rate apartments. They have the same services as Hechtman 1 but the only difference is that they only receive people that are older than 62 with no exceptions.

The Fleischman Residence and Blumberg Plaza.

This is more of a hotel style living for older adults. This is a licensed Home for Aged and it provides the Jewish elderly community with all the services that they need and that address their beliefs and traditions. All the services in the Fleischman residence go beyond expectations and the staff and volunteers are specially trained in the Art of Jewish Caregiving to handle all types of people with different backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs.

Coville Assisted Living Apartments

These apartments are located on the A. Alfred Taubman Jewish Community Campus in Oak Park. This building has 36 private suites and they provide people with all day oversight, special suppers, meals and personal care assistance all included in the monthly price paid by the person or family. Since it is an assisted community, the Coville Assisted Living Apartments also include bathing, laundry, housekeeping and medication administration. Similar to the Fleischman Residence and Blumberg Plaza, they also offer staff and volunteers specially trained in the Art of Jewish Caregiving to handle all types of people with different backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs.

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