The Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region

The Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region

As we know, the American Midwest region is crucial for the economic interests both for Israel and the United States. For years, a lot of agreements, programs, and institutions have been created to keep and promote commercial relations between these two places. These initiatives, are improving more and more the business environment between them, creating new trading opportunities.

In addition, through years, both governments have realized that they should take advantage of the great Jewish community located in the United States, especially in the Midwest region in cities like Illinois, Kansas or Ohio, which facilitates the connection between the American and Israel-based companies.

One of the most important elements that Midwest’s companies have for trading with Israel is The Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region. This organization not only helps the Midwest businesses that want to establish commercial opportunities with Israel but also supports Washington and the American northeast, south and west region. Moreover, this program aids other countries around the world that have commercial agreements with Israel.

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The Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region

This initiative was started by the Ministry of Economy and Industry from Israel, and currently has more than 40 commercial commissions worldwide. As we have mentioned, the most important ally in this strategy is the United States, having a presence in all the country. For the Midwest region, the Israel Trade and Economic Office has departments in 13 cities, which are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

The Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region main objective is to keep, promote and improve the trading conditions between Israel and America. In other words, this agency is responsible for managing the commercial cooperation between them, so both places can import, export and develop different initiatives for their economic benefit.

All these economic commissions are focused on the developing of commercial connections in multiple industrial sectors, like technology, food, beverages, machinery, among other commodities. Besides, this initiative does not only seek for the maintenance and creation of new business relations, but also for the construction of new opportunities through information about marketing trends, economy and industrial sectors, among other valuable insights.

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As we have mentioned, this initiative supports multiple fields, creating and producing some events and activities to let companies connect with new markets and know other possible partners.

A clear sample of the utility of these events is the energy sector. For this area, the Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region promoted various events in this year. The BIRD Energy Partnership was an event where companies working in this industry could appreciate new business opportunities for commercializing clean energy and develop innovative solutions to deal both in the Israeli and the American market.

Another event for the energy businesses was the White House Introduces Israeli Incubator to Solve California’s Water Crisis, which was focused on the creation of new alternatives and solutions for managing, watching and conserving the California’s water fonts.

For the food, beverages, and agriculture industry, the Israel Trade and Economic Office sponsored the Fresh AgroMashov Produce Exhibition 2016, in Tel Aviv, where agricultural businesses could show their products and qualities to the United States and other countries market. Another important event was Israeli Top Innovations at Agritech Tel-Aviv 2015, where different companies showed their innovations and disruptive technological solutions in the farming field. Other significant exhibitions for this area were From Bible to Boutique: Israeli Wines Come of Age, which was focused on the wine industry, or the U.S. Investor in Talks to Purchase Israeli Food Retailer Mega, the Israeli Food Exports to the US Have Doubled in the Past Five Years or the Israeli Chutzpah Drives Vita Coco’s Success.

One of the most important fields for American Midwest and Israeli companies is the high tech industry. Events like CES 2017 – Healthcare Technology, CES 2017 – Automotive related technology, CES 2017 – Consumer Electronics companies or Israeli Companies Sweep MEDICA App Competition, let these firms to build alliances with technology giants, developing new solutions and inventions for diverse markets and consumers.

Besides the mentioned events, the Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region stimulates expositions in the jewelry industry like the launch of the Michal Negrin stores in the United States or the KLEE – A Visual Reminder to Shop Israel. For the automotive sector, there are exhibitions like Israel Emerging as an Automotive Technology Hub or the CES 2017 – Automotive related technology. There are also events for the textile, cyber security or mining industry.

In conclusion, the Israel Trade and Economic Office for the Midwest Region is an excellent strategy to stimulate the foreign investment, not only between Israel and the American Midwest region but also with other American towns and companies, enriching the commercial dynamic worldwide.