Some important exportation and importation statistics between Illinois and Israel

Some important exportation and importation statistics between Illinois and Israel

For decades, one of the best commercial allies for Israel in the United States has been Illinois. For years, the great Jewish community located in this city has promoted and created excellent trading environments for multiple industries. More and more, the based Chicago companies are increasing their business relations with Israel, giving to this city an excellent opportunity for economic and financial rising.

In this article, we will show some of the most significant and crucial statistics about the profitable situation between Illinois and Israel, both for exports and imports, letting us understand the magnitude of this.


In 2014, Illinois exported to the State of Israel more than $150 million dollars in multiple products and services, like high tech, chemicals, food and beverages, clothes, among other things, showing that they are very important commercial partners with the best relations. In 2015, all these exports increased in more than 4%, due to the more than 200 million that distributed Illinois to Israel. These numbers show that the Chicago’s main city is in the 12th place among all the United States cities; just behind New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, among other towns.

The growth rate in exports between Illinois and the State of Israel has been increasing year by year in more than 3%, which is an amazing number. Besides, Illinois exporting quantities, rank it over other American important cities, like Washington, Massachusetts, Nevada, Kansas, Utah, Montana, among others.

These trading stats, show why Illinois is considered one of the most important economic partners for Israel in the world, and the relation between them is getting better year by year. Moreover, programs and institutions like the Consulate General of the State of Israel for the Midwest Region, the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago and the Chicago-Israel Business Initiative, are helping that businesses both in Israel and Illinois, have more and more commercial opportunities for their growth.

Principal exports

For 2013, the main exports from Illinois to Israel were in the first place agricultural elements, followed by computer and electronic devices, machinery, different manufactured commodities, chemicals and other products. Just in agricultural elements, Illinois traded more than $60 million dollars and in computer and electronic devices more than $30 millions. For 2014, this situation changed, because of computer and electronic devices exports took the first place, reaching more than $35 millions and the agricultural elements moved to the fifth place, reaching almost $18 million.

In 2015, the first place was kept for computer and electronic devices, reaching sales for more than $40 million dollars, followed by machinery with more than $37 million in sales, chemicals with almost $32 millions and other manufactured products with more than $25 millions.

The exports distribution in exports for the more than $200 million dollars was 20% for computer and electronic devices, 18% for machinery, 15% for chemicals, 12% for manufactured commodities and 35% for other means, like food and beverage, transportation equipment, plastics, paper, mining derivatives, agricultural elements, which were ranked at the first place in 2013, among other products.

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Illinois has been also a very significant city for importations from Israel. In 2015, this city imported more than $400 million dollars, settling the 10th place among all the United States cities, right after New York, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Oregon, among other towns, meaning that Illinois is not only a very important city for Israel and the United States due to its exports, but also for its imports in multiple products, like chemicals, high tech, food, or textiles.

It is imperative to highlight that Illinois imports rank this city above other vital towns, like Michigan, Nevada, Florida (which is one of the most key places for Jews in the United States), Ohio, Minnesota, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, among other places. It is also significant to say that the excellent import numbers between Illinois and Israel are due in part for the great Jewish community established there, which is the 5th largest in all the United States, right after New York, California, Florida and New Jersey.

Principal imports

In 2013, Illinois imported more than $190 million dollars in machinery from Israel, being this kind of products the most traded ones between them. Chemicals, computers and electronic devices, manufactured commodities and other goods, were after machinery the principal dealt products. In 2014 and 2015, this trend was maintained, with a growing rate of 3%. In 2014, Illinois imported more than $570 million dollars, and in 2015, more than $400 millions.

The imports distribution for Illinois in 2015 was for more than $100 million dollars in machinery, which means 26% of all the importations made by the city, followed by chemicals, with more than $100 millions (26%), computers and electronic devices with almost $63 millions (15%), manufactured commodities with almost $40 millions (9%) and other products, like food, beverages, plastic or textiles with almost $100 millions (24%).

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