A great alliance between Chicago and Israel you need to know

A great alliance between Chicago and Israel you need to know

As we have mentioned in previous articles, Chicago has one of the most important Jewish communities in the United States. Since 1833, the first groups of Jews arrived in Chicago, starting a significant society. These groups have influenced and contributed in several ways for businesses in the windy city and some of these companies have become in huge corporations like the Hyatt Group or Equity Group Investments. Besides these organizations, other people has stimulated the creation of new companies providing different services and products in other countries, especially Israel.

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Currently, Israel is the only country in the world with free commercial trades both in the United States and Europe, giving them great making businesses possibilities, and creating new commercial opportunities. In Chicago, a lot of companies are taking advantage of these circumstances, so they can reach new markets and increase their incomes in an excellent way.

For 2015, Chicago exported more than $200 million dollars in products and services to Israel and since 1996 to 2016, the city has traded more than $4 billion dollars with this country.

Chicago – Israel Institutions

For a better commercial relation between Chicago companies and Israel, both of them established two important institutions to canalize every possible deal.

  • Chicago-Israel Business Initiative: also known as CIBI, it is a project created by the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce. This venture works with multiple industry fields between Israel and Chicago companies, like health care, construction, technology, science, finances, among other areas. This initiative pursues to improve the collaboration between the windy city and this country making easier the commercial relations between companies in both places. In other words, through the CIBI, both Chicago and Israel can establish great making businesses conditions and find new profitable relations.
  • America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago: this important institution was created in 1958 and is the principal promoter for commercial relations between Chicago and Israel corporations. This institution brings excellent businesses opportunities for those companies, due to the lot of registered members, having vital information for networking and connecting organizations both from Chicago and Israel. The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago includes businesses in almost every industrial sector, like science, technology, construction, health, finances, human resources, and many other fields, becoming the perfect partner for all those companies who want to venture in Israel and vice versa.

Important company alliances

There are a lot of companies in Chicago who are working with Israel. Let’s look some of these businesses:

Amcol International Corporation

This company was founded in 1927 and it is a specialty materials and chemicals manufacturer. Currently, they are part of the Minerals Technologies Inc., counting with more than 2.400 employees.

This company is one of the most significant in commercial relations between Chicago and Israel, providing to this country different basic minerals and other commodities, like energy and building solutions, health care products, among other elements.

Image courtesy of María Escolá at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of María Escolá at Flickr.com

Argonne National Laboratory

Founded in 1946 and operated by the University of Chicago, this amazing research institution studies multiple scientific fields, like physical science, energy science, computational and data science, among other science segments. Currently, the laboratory has more than 3.300 employees and a budget of more than $760 million dollars for multiple investigations.

Currently, this laboratory is working with Israeli scientists for the understanding of the chemistry of photosynthesis through magnetic resonances. This remarkable scientific alliance is bringing both the United States and Israel new knowledge for elements like petroleum or coal, which are the result of the photosynthesis process.

Vesuvius Corp

This is one of the largest engineering company in the metal industry around the planet. Founded in 1916, this remarkable organization is considered the leader in manufacturing, refactoring and supplying metal based products and other minerals for multiple businesses around the world.

Vesuvius Corp is working with Israeli companies in multiple research and investigative projects in the heavy industry. Presently, this company is working and developing a new design of refractory and insulating lining structures for the vessel industry. This project seeks to give customers innovative solutions with the continuous supply and installation of prefabricated refractory lining building units.

Richardson Electronics Ltd.

Created in 1945 for the liquidation of different remaining electronic assets from the World War II, Richardson Electronics Ltd. is one of the leading providers of a power grid and microwave tubes in the world. This is organization dedicates a lot of its resources in innovation and research for the creation of new solutions for multiple industries like aviation, medical, military, communications, among others.

Presently, this company is working with other organizations in Israel for developing a new medical X-ray radiography system, offering to people lower prices in radiography systems.

In this article, we can see some samples of the cooperation between Chicago-based companies and Israel, but there are a lot more who are developing and making new ventures with this country. Israel is one of the most important markets in the world for technology research and innovative solutions for multiple industries, so companies not only from Chicago, but the United States must take advantage of this joint creating new products and disruptive commodities benefiting multiple people around the world.