Enjoying opportunities in the Midwest

Enjoying opportunities in the Midwest

One cannot simply obviate the magnificence of the Jewish performance in the Midwest. Whether it is the film industry, communications, banking and finances, etc. Jews have impacted positively almost every industry in the Midwest.

Jews totally dominate the communications industry: whether it is the New York Times or any radio or TV show hosts, Jews have everything to do with the way news are conveyed into the American and the Midwestern community. Moreover, Jews have essentially developed the banking and financial industry. The Federal Reserve? Managed by Jews. Banking and Financial industries? Owned by Jews. Mortgages? Jews also. Yosef Meystel have always stated that Jewish people are capable of mastering almost every profession: it is not rare to see that many successful professionals. If readers happen to be in Chicago, they might be shocked by the amount of not only qualified but successful Jewish descent business people that live here: they kind of shaped the entire city.

Until recently, Jews were found almost in every aspect of the both corporate and social Midwestern life. Reknowned business people, they have managed to build an empire out of nothing and nowadays they run companies and conglomerates across the world. For readers to have a glimpse at the most successful Jewish decent business people, here they have them:

John Paulson

Founder of Paulson & Co. Known for betting against all odds during the real state crisis back in 2008, he ranks #91 in Forbe’s richest list.

James Simons

Reinassance Technologies allows Mr. Simons to rank #82 in the world’s richest. He grew up in Massachusetts.

Ronald Perelman

Philanthropist Ronald Pereman is the world’s #79 richest man. He is better known for being the owner of Revlon and AM General. He constantly supports Jewish communities through donations and keeps alive his Jewish customs as well as his Jewish faith.

Mark Zuckerberg

Readers know him for sure. Facebook CEO and co-founder, his new worth is around 13.3 billion. Philanthropist, recently donated 500 million in shares to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Paul Allen

Former Microsoft co-founder. He bought the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers. He is also one of the Seattle Sounders FC co-owners. After losing her mother to Alzheimer, he became a philanthropist who has donated more than 500 million for research.

Steve Ballmer

If someone were to doubt the impact of the Jewish communities on the technological sector, Steve Ballmer can easily deflate that. Better known as the former CEO of Microsoft, Ballmer is also a member of the Jewish National Fund council.

Michael Dell

After dropping out of college, Michael Dell decided to start his own company: Dell. He is still in charge of the company and has contributed to the technological sector with his developments.

Len Blavantnik

Former oil magnate Len Blavatnik recently bought Warner Music for 3.3 billion.

George Soros

Founder of Soros Fund Management, George Soros is an eminence in the funds and pensions field. He has also contributed to diverse causes, from education, to public health and human rights. He is also known as the most philanthropist Jewish in the world.

Carl Icahn

Founder of the Icahn Capital Management, Icahn made his fortune by his own. Initially he wanted to be a doctor but drop out of medical school to start a career in Wall Street. Ten years after moving to the financial sector, Icahn started his company and grew through intelligent stock investments. As almost every other Jew, Icahn is a well-known philanthropist and has donated millions to different universities and schools.

Sergey Brin

After meeting Larry Page during his PhD days in the Stanford University, he founded alongside his new acquaintance Google.com. After launching Google back in 1998, and after purchasing Youtube in 2006, Brin’s fortune as grown exponentially. Nowadays he is in charge of Google Special Projects.

Larry Page

As stated above, Larry Page founded Google.com with his associate Sergey Brin. Once Google entered the stocks market, his fortune (and his associate’s) grew exponentially.

Sheldon Adelson

The fifth richest Jew in the world made his fortune in the betting business. Adelson is known for being the owner of several casinos in Las Vegas and across the world. Sticking to his Jewish values, Adelson often donates 40% of his earnings to several causes, for example, to the Birthright Foundation.

Michael Bloomberg

Image courtesy of Scott Beale / Laughing Squid at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Scott Beale / Laughing Squid at Flickr.com

Known Wall Street businessman Michael Bloomberg made his fortune after starting his own company Bloomberg LP back in 1982. He also was the mayor of New York and annually received a 1 dollar wage as compensation for his public duties.

These are only a few out of the richest Jews in the Midwest — and around the world —. It is remarkable to see how Jewish people have contributed to the development of the American and Midwestern society by creating companies and providing people with jobs. Given their values, most of them are well-known Philanthropists and have helped the poor through their donations.