The Chicago Sister Cities International program

The Chicago Sister Cities International program

As we have shown in previous posts, Chicago is one of the most important cities in the world for Jewish, due to the great opportunities they have in multiple areas, like businesses, art, personal development, among other things making this city a great place for Jewish interest. Since more than 100 years, Jews have lived in the Windy City, giving to Chicagoans a lot of good things.

In addition, we have talked about the multiple commercial agreements and associations between Chicago and Israel, which have let people from both places access to multiple opportunities, benefiting and improving the relations between them for multiple purposes. In other words, those settlements and institutions founded by Israel and the Windy city are promoting multiple interests for both.

In this article, we will talk about the Chicago Sister Cities International institution, which not only involves the relation with Chicago and Israel, but with other places in the world.

The Chicago Sister Cities International

This institution was founded in 1960 by Richard J. Daley, the Mayor of Chicago in that time. The main purpose of this treaty was to make Chicago an international city, creating the best relations with other towns around the world and multiple connections with them for the creation and promotion of different initiatives, which will benefit both the Chicagoans and people from other cities. This purpose has lasted for years and today is the essence this foundation.

Currently, the Chicago Sister Cities International program has relations with cities on all continents, letting Chicago access to multiple cultures, companies, social and business opportunities.

In 1960, the first city Sister city agreement was signed with Warsaw, Poland, due to the great Jewish community in there. Ten years later, Chicago associated with other seven cities. Today, the Chicago Sister Cities International program has relations with 28 cities and is considered the most active and important sister city initiative in the planet.


The Chicago Sister Cities International has two main programs for establishing relations with other cities:

The Global Youth Ambassadors Summit

This great and innovative initiative is focused on the formation of global leaders for the new generations. Through it, people from all the sister cities participate in multiple activities to learn and realize the importance of leadership and how they can help their cities and societies in different ways.

The Global Youth Ambassadors Summit involves only teenage women, letting them know people from multiple countries and creating connections with them. This summit is annual and for one week, girls from the current 28 sister cities participate in numerous workshops, discussions and presentations about activism, social working, leadership development and team working.

Besides all those activities, discussions, and conferences, these young girls must develop a personal project to be presented on the last day of the summit. This must be motivated by the participation of women in our society and their leadership. In this last day, all the participants must expose and explain their project to a public audience.

Social Services Exchange Program

The social services initiative, lets people from all the sister cities know and understand the importance of helping society through multiple programs and their leadership. Through this project, the Chicago Sister Cities International seeks that people from all the sister cities face the social and economic challenges that our world brings today.

Under this initiative, participants receive multiple tools and help to create solutions for those social challenges in the sister cities. Besides, all these persons are trained and educated to deal with diverse situations and problems that are present in all these places.

The main purpose of the Services Exchange Program is to reduce the boundaries between the sister cities, letting the participants know and connect with the problems in those places, identifying how to solve them no matter where they are located.

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Some Sister cities

As we have mentioned, the Chicago Sister Cities International program has 28 associated cities located on every continent from the planet. We will show some of them and how the program works in these places.

Accra, Ghana

Since 1989, this African city has been a sister city of Chicago. Through it, the city has been able to develop different social and economic initiatives. Currently, some of the benefits have been in the medical and fashion industry, due to the alliance established in 2006 between some important fashion designers both from Chicago and Accra, improving the business relations between them.

Hamburg, Germany

With this city, Chicago has established multiple business opportunities, especially in the bank industry. Moreover, they have created some school exchanges, letting students from both cities learn and create connections between both places.

Other cities that are members of this excellent program are Bogota, Osaka, Paris, Prague, Toronto, Mexico City, Durban, Delhi, among others.

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