Avant-Garde Jewish innovations

Avant-Garde Jewish innovations

It is not a secret that Israeli developments and technologies have been on the rise, especially as of the past decade —with the emergence of digital technologies and digital innovations. In fact, year after year, Israeli technologies and inventions are shown to the world, and surely 2017 will follow the same fate: from clean technologies —in accordance with today’s “green endeavor”— to sanitary and medical devices, Israeli companies and startups will introduce a sheer array of unique goods.

As mentioned in a previous article by Yosef Meystel, Israel is known for coming up with high-tech, value-added products, and inventions. In fact, according to avant-garde trendy high-tech entrepreneur and investor Yossi Vardi, Israel is bound to dominate and lead several areas this year. His insights on drone technologies and smart mobility solutions foresee a total Israeli dominance: “When it comes to mobility, the landscape promises to continue to be led by Israeli companies such as Mobileye and a vast number of Israeli organizations proficient in this type of technologies. The rise of automation is compelling enough for car manufacturers to visit Israel in hopes of discovering the perks of Israel’s technologies for connected and autonomous automobiles and other vehicles”. Mr. Vardi later went on to assert that “The interest that is now being showed around the world for Israeli products, technologies, and innovations will surely continue to experience a particular staggering increase”.

By taking a closer look, augmented reality (AR) and similar sectors like fintech are crucial for Israel: in accordance with pioneering marketing guru Nir Kouris “Tel Aviv has about 450 financial technology organizations that are now developing products aimed at the digital banking and payments industry; capital markets, cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things and anti-fraud innovations seem to be given as much importance as the former and are subject of constant enhancements and improvements”.

Such juncture demands to be aware of the companies that will likely be important players during the present year; however since it is an impossible task to mention all the Israeli organizations that are bound to appear in the world’s headlines, here are a compilation of some developments that are worth paying attention to:

Augmented Reality

Image courtesy of Tom at Flickr.com

As of the emergence of Pokemon Go, the world has now caught a glimpse of what augmented reality looks and feels like. Of course, the possibilities of improving and making this technology much more impressive are infinite; aside from developing new augmented reality software, Israel-based RideOn is developing augmented reality headsets and goggles to make outdoor activities such as scuba diving, skydiving, running, cycling and paintballing much more enjoyable. Augmented reality nowadays is undergoing an adaptation phase, and will surely experience the possibility to have a connected community feature as well.

Besides, there are companies sparing no efforts to go the extra mile. In fact, some developments suggest that a technology capable of turning any device into a 3D, interactive content augmentation platform is in the makings. Its application is intended to impact in a positive way the healthcare and gaming industry.

And last but not least, there are some rumors that seem to confirm that augmented commerce platforms will be a reality. US-based Snap alongside Cimagine is now finalizing details to allow consumers to see on any digital and smart device how products look and, more importantly, how they might fit in their homes. The possibility of creating virtual showrooms will suppose a tremendous and dramatic effect on B2B forces and retailers, as they will be able to foresee any issue regarding the products.

Autonomous vehicles

In accordance with recent projections, by 2018 nearly (the vast majority of them, at least) all new cars and different vehicles will be linked through the Internet of Things (IoT). There will be kind of a marketplace of automotive and automobile data; a framework where real-time and reliable information will be available to car manufacturers, drivers and a sheer array of commercial service providers. Such juncture will enable the possibility of improving the existing car services and in-car applications. Besides, automation seems to go hand in hand with augmented reality. According to Tel Aviv-based Innoviz Technologies, there are companies striving to develop a 3D remote sensorial remedy based on Light Detection and Ranging to outline a precise and ongoing updating tridimensional map of the driver’s surroundings. This technology is bound to be integrated into the existing phases of automation and autonomous vehicles.

Nonetheless, since today’s digital era has surely brought along tremendous and infinite opportunities, it also has enabled unscrupulous people to come up with ways to perform all sorts of pejorative and negative actions against these developments. Such reality is compelling enough for companies to invest heavily in security and develop hack-proof technologies to prevent issues with the mentioned connected and autonomous technologies.

2017 is certainly going to be a great year for Israel, and even though there are many more fields where Jewish expertise is going to make a positive impact, it is undeniable that Jewish people are leading these fields. The greatest depiction of the latter is the large amount of Jewish-owned technology companies that operate across the Midwest, the United States and across the entire globe in general.

* Featured Image courtesy of Mike Linksvayer at Flickr.com