Why is the AICC so important for Israeli businesses in the US?

Why is the AICC so important for Israeli businesses in the US?

Well located, and with more than 1.400 daily departures to at least 200 cities worldwide, Chicago provides easy access to the world. The windy city is a leader in a number of key industries, including Business & Financial Services, Information Technology, Health Services, Manufacturing and Transportation & Distribution. Chicago is also a global leader in options, futures and derivatives trading.

As an experienced investor, Yosef Meystel knows that the combination of market access and economic and cultural diversity provides the needed resources for a company in Chicago to grow. Besides, Chicago’s pro-business environment supports service and unique developing opportunities allow the city to be cataloged as one of the most influential ones in the US.

Thanks to all the characteristic described above, the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago (AICC) was founded in 1958, and is nowadays recognized as the only chamber of commerce and non-profit membership association in the Midwest that enables trade and investment between Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the State of Israel.

AICC presents informational, networking and state-of-the-art educational programs, promoting Israeli goods and services, leading trade delegations, and working closely with governmental, non-profit, charitable, and industry organizations to foster trade and investment between American and Israeli companies.

The main goal of AICC is to connect members into a global network providing crucial information and enabling business contacts. Among the members who participate in the AICC, you can find manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, professional and business service providers, venture capitalists, investment bankers and R&D scientists. Since its foundation, the Chamber has helped hundreds of companies grow.

In order to bring new people to friendship with Israel, AICC also focuses on bringing its mission to a much younger and diverse audience. Let’s not forget that there are many organizations involved in every aspect of Jewish and Israeli life in Chicago.

If you are interested in doing business in the US and in Israel, the AICC is the place you want to be since it facilitates trade and investment between the US and Israel, it also promotes Israeli goods and services, presenting business networking and educational programs. AICC leads trade delegations and business match-making events and also works closely with the Government of Israel to advance bilateral trade.

How to Become a Member

AICC has unmatched access to the Government of Israel Economic Mission and Israeli private sector. It works diligently with its partner in Israel, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, which offers significant membership benefits and assistance to America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago members.

If you want to become a member, the only thing you need to do is buy a membership, which price can vary from 20 dollars (if you are a student) to 350 (if you are registering your business). Becoming a member of the AICC has many different benefits:

Benefits to All Members

  • Member profile in an AICC newsletter and their information and industry focus is listed in AICC’s online membership directory, to which every member has access to.
  • Access to Israel business leads and reciprocal membership in participating partner organizations
  • Free or reduced participation fees for AICC programs when fees apply

Benefits to Business Memberships

  • Benefits extended to designated colleagues business-wide
  • Link to your website on AmericaIsrael.org
  • First review of business referrals
  • Business meetings, planning and assistance when traveling to Israel and access to Regus Solutions Worldwide services, including meeting rooms, day offices and virtual offices

Buy Israel Goods

Image courtesy of Kimb0lene at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Kimb0lene at Flickr.com

By becoming a member of America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago, you also get the chance to be a VIP consumer of Buy Israel Goods (BIG), a consumer guide for any retail purchase of Israeli products brought to you by the AICC. Its main goal is to promote Israeli goods and services, and they do so by combining their extensive years of experience, resources and relationships in the pro-Israel and pro-business communities.

AICC site allows you to identify Israeli products likely to be available in retail stores in your market area as well as the stores which may carry them. Also, you can find online retailers that carry Israeli products on this site as well.

Many of the Israeli products recognized by BIG can easily be incorporated into every American regular shopping needs, while others are great for gifts or other occasional use. It is important to say that most products from Israel usually meet the highest quality standards and many have unique features or designs not available in competing products.

The frequent purchase of Israeli products will have a broad and significant impact on the Israeli economy and its citizens. Right now, BIG covers markets that include over 75% of the Jewish population of the U.S. Also,

To find out more about AICC, you can click here.